CPanel Installation Procedures on Linux Server

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We explain step by step how we can install CPanel on Linux servers.

First of all, let's make a general definition about CPanel. CPanel is the web site control interface for short. Under normal conditions, we can facilitate the operations performed without an interface by using an interface. CPanel produced for this purpose is widely used. With cPanel, you can perform traffic, mail, cron, ftp, database, domain and many configurations of your website.

The cPanel installation steps are as follows;

If you want to install an unlicensed trial version, go to this link and get a trial license: http://cpanel.net/cpanel-whm/trial-license/
Type yum install kernel through Putty SSH program, enter Y and enter it again.
Type yum remove httpd, enter and type Y and enter again.
Type hostname local.localhost.com and enter it.
Follow the commands below in order.
mkdir / home / cpins
cd / home / cpins
wget http://layer1.cpanel.net/latest
sh latest
Installation may take approximately 1-2 hours after this stage. Of course, if your server in Turkey's. Abroad takes a maximum of 1 hour.
Finally, in order not to get an error, type the command yum install perl * and enter it, then type Y and enter.
Setup is complete. You can enter the cPanel as follows: "Your ipaddress: 2095"

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